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Creating an Invoice

To create an invoice for an existing contact, in the drop down menu at the top click 'Marketing'>'Customer Relationship Manager', locate the customer and click on the icon in the 'Inv' column below.


To create an invoice for a customer not currently on your Sellr Customer relationship manager (CRM) then click 'Manage'>'Sales' and click on the 'Create an Invoice' button.


You can now select the items for this invoice.

Click on the basket item to add one item, or enter the quantity in the box next to the basket.

You can also enter a different per-item price in the 'special' field if required. In this way, you can invoice customers with completely different prices than you normally sell at.

If you are invoicing for an item which is not on the system, then click on the 'Custom Item' link.

Enter the name of the item in the 'custom item' field. Then the quantity, price and tax.

If the item is a physical tangible item, then ensure that tangible is set to 'Yes' then click on 'Add to Invoice'.

Once you have added all the required items, proceed to the checkout where you will need to enter the customer's details, if you are not using a preselected contact.

There are also a number of options you can select:


Finally, click on the 'Generate Invoice' button.

The invoice will then appear on the 'Manage'>'Sales' page with the icon below:

When the customer pays this invoice, the status will reflect this and the payment indicator on the left will change to green.

If you select the option to view the order type 'Invoices' in the Sales Manager, then the invoices will be grouped by documents relating to that invoice.

For example, the bottom two rows of the image below show a paid invoice for a transaction which has been clicked on to expand the record showing that it contains a receipt for the payment.


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