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What email marketing features does Sellr have?


One of Sellr's best features is its email marketing suite. You can loads of different types of marketing emails like newsletters or follow up emails asking the customer about thier purchase. You can even targeted emails so if a customer buys a one product then you can send them an email advertising a different similar product, so for example if you were selling printers you couldsend the customer an email a few months later asking them if they need more paper or ink.


What types of email can I setup?


Scheduled Emails: Scheduled emails are essentially newsletters. You compose an email and then you schedule a date and time for that email to be sent to your customers. Scheduled emails are best used to keep your customers up to date with developments within your business or to promote an upcoming sale. You should make your scheduled email interesting to read, a customer is more likely to read your email if it has intresting information about a product they have bought.


Follow Up Emails: You can send a follow up to any customers who buy a certain item or any customers who abandon their basket. If a customer buys an specific item then you can follow up thier order with an email advertising a similar item. If the customer abondons their basket then you can send a follow up email asking them if they need any assisstence with their order, customers will like this personal touch as it shows you are hapy to engage with them and care about their order, this will help with your conversions


Autoresponders: Autoresponders are a sequence of emails you send to your customers or you can pursuade a prospective customer to give you their email address so you can send them an email later with more information about your products and company, this should help prospective customer convert. You can add a pop up box to your website that asks customers to provide their email address, you should tempt them with a potential future special offer or with the promise of more interseting information about the product you are selling. A prospective customer isn't that likely to buy something from you after receving one email which is why you should send them a sequence of emails to keep engadged with them.


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