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How Domains Work


'Domains' is simply another word for 'Domain Names'


A domain name is what you type in to the browser to reach a website, for example ""

When you type a domain name into a browser you may also add a sub domain, most commonly "www" as in ""

Domain names are ultimately converted into the ip address of a web server where the browser can access your website.


Domain names have to be purchased and registered.

Domain names use 'Name Server' records to point to 'DNS Servers' which tell the internet the ip address of the machine(s) hosting the website.


You can purchase a domain name with any domain name registrar to use with Sellr. We do not manage domains ourselves and there is no need for us to do so.

We use the Cloudflare system for DNS resolution of the domain name.

If you already have a domain name registered you will be able to use it with Sellr, or if you plan on buying one to use with Sellr, that is also not a problem.

Many domain names have already been taken, but a lot are available to buy on sites like

It is much cheaper to buy a brand new domain name than it is to purchase one from someone who has already registered the name.





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