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What kind of promotions can I run with Sellr?


Sellr has lots of different options for promotions, because there are so many options you might not be sure what type of promotion you should be running. See below for a list of all the different types of promotion you can run with Sellr and how they work.


Coupon Codes

You can setup coupons so that customers can enter a code and get a discount only on specific items in their basket. The customer can enter several coupon codes with one order to get varying discounts on different products

Promo Codes

Promo codes work like coupon codes except the difference is promo codes take a discount off the subtotal of the order rather than just certain products in the order. Promo codes can take a percentage off the order or a direct amount of money. The customer can only use one promo code per order


With offers you can setup deals like 'buy one get one free'. Offers work automatically and the customer doesn’t need to enter any codes, the discount will be applied to the order when the customer qualifies for the offer


Discounts will automatically discount the entire order when the customer spends so much. So for example you could setup a discount so that 'if the customer spends £100 then discount the order by 10%'. You cant exclude any products from site wide discounts


Bundles will offer a discount when the customer adds certain items from that bundle to the basket, an example would be 'add 6 bottles of £10 wine from this group of products to your basket to get them for £45'


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