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Sellr makes it really easy to sell your items and services online. Using the Sellr System, you can sell in the following locations.

  1. On an Ecommerce Website
  2. On eBay
  3. On Amazon
  4. On the Sellr Marketplace
  5. In a physical shop using the ePOS system
  6. On the Telephone
  7. By Mail-Order
  8. On Facebook
  9. On Twitter
  10. On Instagram
  11. Sell on other Marketplaces
  12. Sell on any Social Media Platform


As you will probably already know, the more places that you can sell your items and services, the more that you will sell and ultimately the more money you will make. The most successful stores are those which sell in as many different locations as possible.

The great thing with Sellr is that it gives you one place where you can manage your items and your stock/inventory levels, and then you simply choose where you are going to sell. When items are sold, then the stock levels are reduced in the Sellr system centrally, so you don't need to log onto lots of different systems to maintain your stock/inventory levels.

You can access the Sellr help center at any time at and there are links on the Sellr control panel to access help information relative to the screen you are looking at, just click on the Help icon near the top.

We wish you every success with your ecommerce ventures, if you have any questions at all or need help with anything, please do not hesitate to contact us by Telephone, Online Chat or Email at any time as we would love to help.

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