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What do I need to know before selling online?


If you are thinking off selling online you should know the basics about how eCommerce works, how customers will find your products and how you will get paid. When you sell online there are three main components, your wesbite, your shopping cart system and your payment gateway.





Your wesbite is step one in the purchasing process, the step is extremely important as you want to give your customers a good first impression. Your website should clearly promote exactly what you are selling, it should be clear and to the point and should be easy for customers to navigate. Sellr provides over 100 different website templates you can choose from, each template has dedicated sections for you to add banners and descriptions promoting your products. you can also easily change the colours of any template so that it matches your own house style



Shopping Cart


The shopping cart is the part of your website that lets the customer build their order. A shopping cart system will include a basket so customers can click 'buy now' buttons and build up thier order, they can click an icon to view thier basket and modify their order if they need to. The shopping cart will also control how much the customer is charged for shipping and tax, these are all configurable by the merchant. The customer will also need to enter their details like name and address while checking out, these details will be stored in your customer database so you can contact them later if you need to or send them marketing emails




Payment Gateway


The payment gateway will process the customers credit or debit card and transfer the funds to you. The payment gateway will also check wether the customer actually has the funds to pay and will also prefrom security checks such as checking the address the customer has entered on the checkout against address registered to the credit card. Customers from any region can pay you in thier own currency, if you have set your Sellr account to display prices in GBP then the payment gateway will charge someone in France the correct price in Euros.












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