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Moving Your Website From Your  Existing Website System to Sellr

Many businesses are already using existing website systems such as Shopify or EKM, however once they see the benefits of using Sellr both because of functionality and price, many merchants decide to move their store away from their old system onto Sellr. A common concern is how this will take place, particularly if the merchant has a large number of items.

The good news is that in most cases, we will do this for you. You can simply email us the details that you want to transfer and we will do it fo you. Alternatively, to make it even easier, youc an simply let us have the logon details to your old store and our migration experts will log onto that, extract your data and then load it onto your new Sellr system.

We won't remove any data from your old system, so in the unlikely event that you want to go back to it, the data will still be there for you to use (Unless the providers of your old system have removed it).

We can import both item data and also your contacts.

Please contact us if you have any specific concerns regarding migrating your data from a different system. We can import data from any other system, or from raw data so whatever you are currently using, it is not likely to be a problem. Please be aware though that large numbers of items may take a few days to import. (You can still use your old website during this period).

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