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Payment Methods


To accept payment, you must configure at least one Payment Method.


PayPal Commerce Platform is the most reliable with the most purchase options and is generally recommended. However there are a large number of options available so decide which payment gateway works best for your business and then make sure you have set up a merchant account with the company of your choice. For this guide, we will set up the PayPal Commerce Platform


To set up a payment method, follow these steps:


  • From the Admin Panel, select Configure > Payment Methods:



  • In the Payment Methods Manager, use the drop down menu to select the Payment Gateway that you would like to use and then press the orange Add New Method button:



  • The sytem will update and the Payment Method will be added to the hierarchy. We still need to configure this method though. Ensure that the Green Tick is enabled under the Web column. Once complete, select the Gear icon under the Configure column:



  • For all of the Payment Methods, you will need to connect the two systems together. Usually it's as simple as providing your Payment Gateway username and password. Some of the methods require extra, identifying numbers or ID's. The PayPal Commerce Platform is one of the simpler methods to set up. On the next page, you will be asked to connect to PayPal. Press the blue Click Here To Connect To PayPal button:



  • Provide the requested credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to completion:



  • It can take a little while for the Payment Gateways to confirm your identity so you will generally be presented with the message below. This process is done automatically, so for now, we can press the blue Go back to Sellr Ltd button:



  • Once back in your Admin Panel, return to the Payment Methods section to finish configuring the Payment Method settings (Admin Panel > Configure > Payment Methods) and then select the Gear icon again to access the Payment Method
  • You should see a similar screen to the following image:



  • There are a number of settings here that you will have to adjust yourself based on your own business needs. Of particular note though is Use 3d Secure under the 3d Secure for Custom Card Fields section. Make sure this is ticked as it protects you and your customers from online fraud:



  • There is no limit to the amount of Payment Methods that you can add. However, if you choose to use PayPal Commerce Platform, you do not need to enable any other PayPal methods and in fact, adding and enabling more could cause payment issues for your customers.



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