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How do I setup Sales Tax for the US?


Setting up sales tax is really easy within Sellr, you can simply set a tax rate and choose whether that rate is inclusive or exclusive of the products price. You can also add different tax rates for different items. See below to get started...


How do I get started with US Sales Tax?


In the drop down menu at the top of the page click on 'Configure' > 'Tax' and set your default tax rate. You can choose whether your prices include tax or not.


You can also set the sales tax per product by editing the product and putting the tax percentage in the tax field.



Using Advanced Tax


You may need to set a different tax rate for different products. You would use tax bands to do this.


- To set up tax bands click 'Configure > 'Tax' and then click the underlined hyperlink for advanced tax options.



- Click the button 'Switch ON advanced tax functionality' to switch on advanced tax:



- Enter different VAT rates within the different bands. You will be applying the tax band to different products, so if you have a product that has a VAT rate of 5% then enter that into Band B



- Now edit your product and click on the 'options' link to apply a tax band.


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