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How to Accept Payments

Most merchants trading online need to accept card payments from their customers.

In addition, merchants also may want to accept other payment services such as PayPal.

A few years ago, accepting cards means having a Merchant account with a bank and an account with a payment gateway. Many merchants still operate in this way and Sellr has facilities to enable this.

However many merchants, particularly new businesses use payment methods which provide all in one payment gateways, where you don't need a separate merchant account.

The PayPal (Powered by Braintree) service built into Sellr is one such service, where you simply sign up and within a few minutes you can start accepting payments.

On the Sellr control panel, navigate to 'configure'/'payment methods' and you can see the payment methods that are currently supported. The main screen shows PayPal and PayPal (Powered by Braintree) however there is also a link to 'additional payment methods' which will show other payment gateways and services available for your use.

Note that Sellr itself does not come into contact with your money. With cards, the payments go directly from your customers card issuing bank, directly to your bank through the payment service you are using. For this reason, if you have queries involving receipt of the money or questions directly about the transaction, you would need to contact the payment company to discuss this rather than Sellr Support.

With Sellr you can have multiple methods of payment.

With Mail Order and Telephone sales you would normally use a 'MOTO' merchant account with a payment gateway. MOTO merchant accounts have different rates and risks than normal Internet merchant accounts you should discuss this with your bank. Note that at 'configure'/'payment methods'/'alternative payment methods' you can set the different payment methods which you are accepting on each channel (e.g. pos, Mail order).

With POS, you typically have a card machine which is not directly connected to the Sellr system. As is common in retail, once the card has been successfully processed you simply indicate on the Sellr POS payment confirmation screen that the payment has been successful. Using this method, Sellr POS will work with any card swipe machine or payment method.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a security requirement for all entities which come into contact with card details. Sellr is classed as 'Out Of Scope' for this. This is because Sellr does not come into contact with card details with any of the payment methods that it supports. Even with payment methods such as PayPal (Powered by Braintree) where the card entry fields appear to be on your website, they are actually technically hosted on the PayPal/Braintree servers, it is just using clever technology to make it look like they are on the checkout page.




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