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How to Use PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is by far the most popular 'other' payment method you will see on the Internet.

It is an 'alternative checkout flow'.

What this means is that the customer does not need to enter their name and address on the checkout page. The advantage of this is that the Sellr system obtains the name and address from PayPal rather than the customer. This is good because the data has been validated by PayPal, therefore, avoiding any typos and errors when the customer types in their details.


With PayPal Express, the customer clicks on the PayPal Express button either on the cart or on the checkout page.

They are then prompted to sign into PayPal.

Once they are signed in, they are returned to the Checkout page. All their details are already filled out on this page, such as their name and address.

If you have any 'extra checkout fields' the customer will still need to complete them at this point.

Once the customer is happy to proceed, they can click the button on the checkout to complete the order. This will send the customer to the 'order complete' page.


To set up PayPal Express navigate to 'configure'>'payment methods' and notice the left-hand panel.


Click on the link at the top which says 'click here to configure' to set up this payment method.

On the page which appears, the most important fields are the 'PRIMARY PayPal Email Address' and 'Payment Type' fields.



If a merchant has problems using PayPal Express Checkout, particularly if the Sellr Sales Manager is showing 'Not Completed' for PayPal Express Checkout transactions which are actually paid, the problem is usually that the email address entered in the 'PRIMARY PayPal Email Address' field is no longer the merchant's 'Primary' PayPal Email Address. If you change this on PayPal then it is important to also change the address on this page.

Payment Type has two options. 'Sale' and 'Authorize'

Sale - is where the payment is completed at the time of the purchase and you should receive the money soon after.

Authorize - means that you need to log onto PayPal and accept the order before you will receive the money. Authorize is used by merchants who want to charge the merchant at a later date than when the transaction was made.

As with any payment method, you should never dispatch any goods or services unless you are sure that you have received the money.

On this page, you can also specify what you would like the PayPal Express button to look like.


PayPal Express can be used to accept cards. (Make sure that 'Account Optional' is switched on, on your PayPal Account). However, sometimes the option to pay with a card is not made very clear to the customer. To have card payment as a primary payment method you should always use PayPal (Powered by Braintree).

There are also other options on this page to select the email which is sent at different status' and also the regions in which you will allow this payment type to be used.

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