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How can I be notified when someone places an order?


Sellr will automatically send you an email when a customer places an order. You can use any email address you wish and we will send you the order details as soon as the customer has paid for their order.


How do I setup email notifications?


- Its really simple, just logon and in the menu at the top of the page, click  'Tools > Options > Email'. Enter your email address in the 'Confirmation Email Address' box.





There are lots of other options on that page, what are they for?


In most cases, you will not need to change any other settings on this page. We will explain what the other settings are used for below, if you are still unsure then contact support.


Additional Confirmation Email addresses:

You can use this field to enter more than one email address so that more than one person will be notified when an order is placed. You can also set it to only send a confirmation email to certain addresses if a product from a specific super category is purchased. To set this up, enter the super category in square brackets before the email address so if the super category was called fruit then enter the address like this [fruit]




Name on Confirmation Email: 

When the customer receives an email, their email program will show them who it has come from, change this setting to make it appear to have come from your company. Don't enter an email address in this field, instead just enter your company name. 


Confirmation email return Email Address (For Customer email): 

Enter an email address in here, Sellr will make the email sent to the customer look like it has come from this address. If customers click reply when they receive a confirmation email then they will reply to this email address.

Confirmation email return Email Address (For Merchant Email): 

In most circumstances you should not change this setting. If you change this setting you may have problems receiving the confirmation email. Any emails sent to you as the merchant from Sellr will appear to have come from this address.

Make merchant email appear to be sent from the Customer: 

In most circumstances, you should not change this setting. If you change this setting you may have problems receiving the confirmation email. If you choose to select this setting, the confirmation email that you will receive will appear to have come from the customer who placed the order. 

Confirmation email type:

You can choose to use an HTML email or just a plain text email. An HTML email will contain images and certain parts of the email will be formatted in different colours making the email more appealing. Some very old email programs cant read HTML but in most cases you should leave this set to 'HTML email'.







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