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Connecting your Domain to Sellr

When you have registered a domain name to use with Sellr, or if you already have a domain name, then you will need to point your domain name to Sellr.

To do this, you will need to be able to change the name server records for your domain name using the services provided to you by the company you registered the domain name with.

If you have any problems or questions at all regarding this process or have difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact the Sellr support team for assistance.


1. Set up a free Cloudflare account at

2. Check that Cloudflare has all the dns records that you need. If you have set up email for this domain then make sure the email records are present on Cloudflare. Refer to your email provider if you are unsure what these records should be. You can also use to find out what records you currently have on the DNS for your domain name. If you used the domain name with a previous host where you were given ftp and other services you will most likely not need most of the records other than any relating to email and Sellr. Please contact the Sellr support team if you need help or advice on this.


3. Add the DNS records onto Cloudflare to point to Sellr. For your store, the exact details will be shown at 'Website'>'Website Domain Name' on the Sellr control panel.

4. Change the name server records on your domain name to point to Cloudflare.

When you complete the Cloudflare process it will provide you with new nameservers to point your domain name to. You will need to log onto the control panel provided to you by your domain name registrar to change the name servers on your domain name. Note that after this, your domain name registrar will still be looking after your name and will bill you for renewal of the name. However, it will be pointing to Cloudflare which will in turn point the name to Sellr.


Once you have set up your domain name to work with Sellr it may take som time fo the changes to take effect. The length of time will depend on the 'TTL' (Time to live) that your previous DNS provider had set on the domain name. Typically, this may be up to 24 hours or longer, but is often much shorter than this. Note, that as the name moves, some ISP's will still see your old site and some will see the new site depending on when each ISP refreshes their own records.





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