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Setting up SSL with Sellr

When you set up your domain name to work with your Sellr website, you will be using the Cloudflare system which acts as an SSL provider, DNS server and CDN (Content Delivery Network). This ensures that your visitors are protected using SSL.


What is SSL?

SSL stands for 'Secure Sockets Layer'. When SSL is used on a website, it means that any communication between the web browser and the web server is encrypted. If anyone were to intercept traffic being sent between the web browser and the web server, it would be meaningless encrypted code. This is why it is seen as a 'must have' requirement for sites where card details and personal details are being entered.

In addition, Google has in the last few years said that they may rank SSL encrypted websites higher than those websites not using SSL. For this reason alone it is really important that anyone running an Internet based business is using SSL.

SSL sites are accessed using the 'HTTPS' (protocol instead of the 'HTTP' prefix you will see at the start of non-encrypted URL's.


How can I tell if my site is using SSL?

Different web browsers show the use of SSL in different ways.

Chrome shows the word 'Secure' with a green padlock next to green 'https':

Internet Explorer shows a padlock on the right-hand side:

Microsoft Edge shows a padlock on the left of the URL:

As you will be using SSL on your website, it is really important to make sure that anything you add to your site is also SSL encrypted. If you are adding Youtube videos or any other external content, then you must make sure that the URL starts with https not http. If it starts with http then some of your website visitors (depending on their browser settings) will see error messages when viewing your website about security issues.


Make sure everyone sees your SSL site

You can make sure that all visitors to your site see the SSL version of your site by ticking the bot at 'Tools'>'Options'>'General'>'Force SSL on Website (Recommended)'


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