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How can I setup discounts for customers on my website?

There are loads of different types of discounts and offers that you can setup on your website. You can offer an incentive to the customer to purchase an item they may not have considered or you can offer discounts for buying multiple products.


What kind of discount can I setup?


Coupon Codes: These are codes that the customer enters at the checkout, which takes a discount off specific items in their basket, an example would be 'use this code for 20% off bananas in your basket'.


Promo Codes: You can use promo codes to give the customer a discount off their entire order, an example of this would be 'use this code and get £5 off your order'.


Offers: 'Offers' automatically apply a discount to the checkout if the customer qualifies, the customer doesn't need to do anything apart from add products to their basket. A good example of 'offers' would be 'buy 2 of ItemX and get another for free'.


Discounts: Discounts are used to discount all products on your website by a certain percentage. You can set up discounts so that the customer needs to spend a certain amount before the discount takes effect. An example of this would be 'spend £20 in our shop and get a 5% discount on all items'.


Bundles: Bundles are used to offer a discount if the customer buys a certian combination of products. An example of this would be 'add 6 bottles of wine from this group of wine and get 6 bottles for £30'.



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