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I want to allow my customers to enter a code at the checkout to get a discount on their whole order. How do I do this?

you can use promotion codes to take either a percentage or direct amount of money off of the customer's entire order. The customer can only enter one promotional code per order and you can't exclude products from being affected by the promotion code.


How do I set this up?


- In the menu at the top of the page click 'Marketing' > 'Promotions and Offers' > 'Promotional Codes'





- Click the hyperlink 'add promotional code'.



- Enter details about the promotion.


Name: Enter the promotion's name.


Code: Enter the code that the customer needs to enter, to get the discount.


Date From: Select a date for when you would like  the promotion to start.


Date To: Choose a date for when you would like the promotion to end.


Promo Type: Choose whether the promo will give a percentage off of the order or a direct amount of money.


Amount: Enter the discount percentage or the direct amount of money to discount.


Itemcode: If the promotion gives the customer a product for free, then enter the product's itemcode here.


On Orders Over: Choose whether the customer's subtotal needs to reach a certain amount before the code can be used.





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