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How to Sell on eBay using Sellr


Using Sellr, you can directly list your items on eBay. When the items are sold, the sales will appear in the Sellr 'Sales Manager'. The stock level on Sellr will also be reduced.


You can list an item individually and specify shipping costs and other details at the time of listing, or - if you regularly plan on listing - you can set up 'profiles' for shipping and other details which can be used on multiple items.


Selling up eBay Listing Profiles in Sellr

In the drop down menu at the top click 'Manage'>'Marketplaces'>'Listings'>'eBay'

If you have not linked your eBay account then you will be prompted to do so. Please follow the on-screen instructions.


Once your eBay account is linked, you will be able to set up the profiles.


Start by clicking on the 'Shipping Profiles' page. You will be able to set up domestic and international shipping methods.

Next, click on 'Marketing Profiles' where you will be able to specify if the listing should use the Gallery features in eBay and amongst other options.

Now click on 'Checkout Profiles' and set your returns policy and PayPal email address.

Then click on 'Item Profiles' where you will choose the category, auction type, duration and eBay template.

eBay templates can be viewed by clicking on 'eBay Templates'. You can also create your own templates, or we can design them for you.

Templates allow you to display your listings with a consistent theme and great looking information about your store and business.


Finally, click on 'Master Profiles'

Create a 'Master Profile' which uses each of the profiles you have just set up.

Now you can apply that 'Master Profile' to items.

You will want to set up a different 'Master Profile' for items in different eBay Categories. You would also set up a different item profile for each category. However, you could use the same shipping, marketing and checkout profiles for those additional 'Master Profiles'.


Preparing an Item to list on eBay


eBay requires that items listed on eBay have an image of at least 1000px on one edge.

Locate an item that you want to list by clicking 'Manage'>'Items' and click on the Image icon, for your chosen item, in the 'IMG' column.

Click on the 'eBay Images' hyperlink at the top and upload your image to the page, making sure the image you are uploading is at least 1000px on one edge.


Next, make sure the item has a description. Click on the icon in the 'DSC' column and make sure your chosen item has a description set for eBay. You can use an existing description or create a new one.

Next, click on the ItemCode of the item you want to list.

In the item properties which appear on the right-hand side, expand the 'Marketplaces' Section.


Select a 'Master Profile' for this item which you created above.

Select the 'Condition' of the item.

Click on the 'Save' Button.

Go to the item properties again and click on the eBay Specifics' button.

The page will show details that eBay needs for the category in which you are listing the item.

Complete those details and click on 'Save'


Listing items on eBay


Navigate to 'Manage'>'Marketplaces'>'Listings'>'eBay' and click on 'List an Item'.

You will then see the item selector page.

Enter the quantity of an item you want to list in the field in the 'Action' column.

If you want to set a special price then enter this in the field in the 'Special' column.

Next click on the Basket icon. (N.B This won't list it yet!)


If you are not using profiles then you can click on 'list an item' and follow the instructions there to list an item. You will need to specify shipping details, category and other details each time you list. Note that you must have set the 'condition' of every item you list, which you can do in the 'Marketplaces' section of the 'Item Properties' page.


The next page confirms the details you will be listing similar to the example below.

Click on the 'Next' button.

It will then take a moment whilst it uploads your item image.

The next screen verifies that the listing is valid and is ready to be listed. It also alerts you to the costs associated with the listing.


Note that there may be other costs. You should consult with eBay if you are unsure of, or have any questions regarding the pricing of listing items on eBay.

Click on the button which says 'Click here to list your item' to list the item.

If successful, you will see a screen similar to the following.

Click on the 'Finish' button and you will see the item displayed on Sellr in the list of items you currently have for sale on eBay.


Viewing eBay Sales

When you sell an item on eBay which has been listed using Sellr, the order will appear on the 'Manage'>'Sales' screen showing an eBay icon.


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