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How can I create a custom list of customers?

You may want to create a list of customers so that you can send them a targeted email. For example, you could create a list of customers who have spent over £100 in your shop, and then send them a friendly email such as 'thanks for being such a good customer, here is a promo code'.


How do I get started?


- In the menu at the top of the page, click 'Marketing' > 'Contacts' > 'Contact Lists'.



- Click the hyperlink 'Create New List'.


- Here you can create a list of customers based on certain conditions.



There are lots of options and details here, what do they mean and how do I use them?


List Type: Static means the list won't change once it's created. If you want to amend the list later, you will need to add and remove customers manually. Dynamic means that the list will update by itself.


List Name: You can choose the name of the list.


Description: Use this field to describe the list so that you can easily refer back to it later.


Select: Select the type of customers that will be included in the list.


Where: Choose the conditions of the list here e.g 'all customers where total value last month was less than £250'. You can specify different conditions as well, e.g 'more than or equal to this value', here is an explanation of each option:


= : Equal to

>= : Greater than or equal to.

<= : Less than or equal to.

> : Greater than.

< : Less than.


Use this button  to add another rule to the list.










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