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How can I customize my theme?


Sellr gives you many tools to customize your website. you can change the text, pictures and colours really easily!


How do I get started?


In the drop down menu at the top of the screen click  'Website' > 'Edit your Website'



Next, click the 'Edit Primary Website' button:



You will then see the website edit screen with a toolbar on the left containing several icons, which will enable you to change different parts of your website.



What do each of the icons on the edit screen do?


 Template Properties


'Template Properties' enables you to change the colour scheme of your template and other layout settings. Click on the colour code to choose a colour, you don't need to know the hex code for your chosen colour, as a colour picker will pop up when you click on the colour code. You can also choose whether you want a 'go to basket' option, how to align the logo and how to align the menu.



 Set Meta tags and Title


Use this icon to setup your own meta tags and choose your own page titles, this is useful for SEO. Click on the magnifying glass icon to add your own content but note that sellr will automatically generate meta tags based on the content of the page without you having to do anything




 Toggle Hyperlinks


Use this icon to turn hyperlinks on and off while editing. If you are trying to edit a hyperlink then you should turn hyperlinks off


 Other Pages


Use this icon to add other pages to your website. Add a page name and then click 'add new'



 Toggle Borders


Click this icon and SellR will add a border around any text that you can edit


 Toggle Icons


Use this option to toggle icons on and off, this lets you get a better idea of what your template will look like when you are editing it


 Upload Logo


Use this icon to upload a logo which will appear on your website


 Upload Picture


Use this icon to upload a new picture anywhere you see a picture on your template


 Edit Button Link Group


Use this icon to change the links on any navigation bar
















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