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I want to design my own theme, is this possible?


If you are a website designer or if you simply want to create your own theme rather than any of the ones we offer, then it is possible to build your own from scratch using HTML and CSS. You can either start with a blank template or copy an existing template and then edit the code behind it. Coding your own theme should only be considered by advanced users who are confident with writing web pages.


How do I get started?


If you want to start with a blank template, in the drop down menu at the top of the page, click 'wesbite > theme store'. Click on 'user themes' and then click 'add new theme'. Give the template a name and click 'save'.


If you want to copy an existing template then click 'website > theme store' and find a theme you would like to start editing. Hover over the preview and click 'use'. Next see 'website > edit your website' and see the section 'your selected theme' and click this ocn . The theme will be copied to your user templates section and you will then be able to begin editing it.




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