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The Sellr Admin System


To manage your store, you will need to log in to the Sellr Admin system. We also refer to this as the 'Control Panel'.


To log in to the Sellr Admin System, go to and click on the 'login' link at the top right.

You will need your store Id, username and password to log in.


Once you log in, you will see the control panel home page. This will show you graphs displaying the performance of your store.



There is also a Social Wall ('What's Happening') on the control panel home page. Feel free to post to the wall if you have any questions that you want Sellr Support or other Sellr merchants to answer. Blog posts will also be posted here, and also details of new features that we add to the system, so it is a good idea to regularly check your 'wall' for updates.



The 'Shortcuts' section of the control panel home page, on the left, lets you quickly jump to areas of the system that you'll be using a lot. Most notably, 'Manage Sales' is where you view and manage any orders. 'Manage Items' is where you will manage the items which you are selling. Both these two options can also be accessed using the 'Manage' menu at the top of the screen.


The Dashboard is where you can see graphical and tabular reports on the performance of your store.


The 'Customer Manager' is where you can view details of all your customers and prospects that you have obtained from sales and also the marketing tools that you have activated on your store. You can have prospects sign up to your email lists, auto responders, ask to be notified when an out of stock item is back in stock, and also ask to be notified when you have a new blog post.


Coupons and promotional codes are ways to allow customers to enter a code to receive a discount on an item (coupons) or the entire order (promotional codes).


On the 'View Profile' screen, you can change the registered details of your cart, such as your company name and address.


You can set up multiple users to access your Sellr control panel. Do this by clicking 'Profile'>'User Logins' in the control panel at the top. You will set the usernames and passwords and can also restrict access for those users to particular areas of the control panel.


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