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Steps to getting your website up and running


1. Add some items

To get started, you'll need to add some items to sell. To do this click 'Manage'>'Items' in the control panel at the top of the page. There are a few different ways to add items, however, the simplest way is to click on the 'Easy Add Item' button at the top of the page.

To get started, add maybe 10 items, just so that you can see how it all works. You'll be able to add descriptions, images and also set up any variations on the items, such as sizes or colours.


2. Customize your Website

When you first start using Sellr, you are set up with our 'Quickstart' website theme. This is a great modern looking theme which you can adjust to suit your requirements and for many stores, that's all you'll need. However, if you want something different then click 'Website'>'Theme Store' in the control panel, and you'll have access to over 100 website themes that you can choose from.

Click on 'Website'>'Edit Your Website' to see your theme. There's also a 'reserve' theme. This is so that in the future, if you want to change the appearance of your website, you can set up the reserve theme as you require and then make it live when you require, quickly and easily.

Click on 'Edit Primary Website' to see your website in edit mode. When you do this you can choose the images which you would like to appear on your website, modify any text, chose which items appear on your pages, change the theme colours and generally change the appearance of the website to suit your requirements.


3. Set up your Domain Name

To make your website live, you'll need to point your domain name to the Sellr System.

This is all done using Cloudflare - which is a great system which will not only make your website appear fast all around the world but also protects it from internet attacks. It's also free.

Please click 'Website'>'Website Domain Name' in the control panel at the top of the page, to find instructions on how to set up your domain name with Cloudflare and how to point it to your website.


Following these three steps will get you up and running with your online store. Once you have successfully done this, you can add the rest of your items you wish to sell.

Of course, if you have any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team, available 24/7. Click on 'Help'>'Contact Us' for details.


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