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Keeping contact with customers using autoresponder emails


When a customer first makes a purchase from your store you can follow up their purchase with an email personally thanking them for their purchase. Keeping contact with your customers is a great way to increase customer confidence in your business and increase the chances of them coming back to make a future purchase. You can send up to 25 emails in a sequence which will then be sent to the customer after a certain amount of time that you have specified.


How do I begin using autoresponder emails?


- First login and in the menu at the top of the page click 'Marketing' > 'Email marketing' > 'Autoresponders' > 'Customer Autoresponders'



- Next, click 'Create new Email'. Choose an existing template or use the blank template to use your own style.



- When you have finished creating your email click 'Finish'.



- The first email in the sequence will always be sent immediately after the customer makes their first purchase. Any other emails in the sequence, after the first email, can be delayed so that you can send them several days apart or even just a few hours after the first email.




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