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Prospect Autoresponders

What are they?


A prospect autoresponder is one of the most effective forms of email marketing.

It is a sequence of emails (up to 25) which are set to a contact at a time relative to the previous email.

Typically the contact will sign up to the sequence to receive some interesting information.


For example, you might have a Popup email sign up on your web page which says 'Enter your name and email address below and find out how to make product X last up to 5 years longer!'


Once the prospect signs up, they are sent the initial email.

For each further email you set a time delay after which they are sent. So for example the next email might be sent 2 days later, the next one 5 days later, entil the entire sequence has been sent.

As the contact is also added to your CRM you can also send them normal scheduled emails.


How to Set Up a Prospect Autoresponder

Prospect Autoresponders are set up at 'Marketing'/'Email Marketing'/'Autoresponders'/'Prospect Sequences' in the Sellr control panel.


Click on 'Create New Sewquence'

Enter a name and description and click on 'Add New Sequence'


Click on the Edit icon to edit the sequence emails.



Click on 'Add Email to Sequence'



In this instance, we will click on 'Custom' and create a custom email.



Click on 'Finish' to save the email.

Now click on 'add email to sequence' again to add further emails to this sequence.


Now you can link the Prospect email to a popup.

If you have a custom theme, your web developer (or ourselves) can also link the prospect sign up to any sign up form designed into your site.

Navigate to 'Marketing'/'Email Marketing'/'Popup Email Signup'


Select the Prospect Autoresponder you just created in the 'Prospect Sequence' dropdown.

Click on the 'Save' button.


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