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What type of marketing emails should I be sending my customers?


Sellr comes with a great email marketing system, however, sometimes it's difficult to know what type of email is best to send in some situations. Here we will go over all the different types of marketing emails that you can send and how best to utilise them.


Scheduled Emails

A scheduled email is an email that is sent to all or a large batch of your customers at the same time. You can specify the exact time and date a scheduled email is sent, and you can also choose to send the email to a certain subset of your customers, such as only customers who have spent over £100 in your store over the last 6 months. It is best to use scheduled emails to quickly promote an upcoming event or sale so that you can quickly and easily notify everyone in a short space of time. You can also use scheduled emails as a newsletter, if you keep your customers engaged with your business then it is more likely that they will return to make another sale.


Follow Up Emails

There are several different types of Follow Up emails that you can use with Sellr. Follow up emails will be sent to the customer after they complete a certain action such as buying a specific product or abandoning their purchase. You can delay the email so that it is sent a little while after the customer has completed an action. You can personlise the email as well, and you can even include the customers name in the body of the email. Personalising an email will increase customer confidence in your business. If you send your customers an email after they have abandoned the cart they will be more likely to come back and complete their purchase if they get the impression that you care about their interest in your products and shopping experience.



Autoresponding emails are a sequence of several emails you send out to a customer over a period of time. They are a great way of keeping engaged with your customers. There are two types of autoresponders, one for prospective customers and one for existing customers. To send emails to a prospective customer you will need to obtain their email address. You can do this by inviting them to enter their email address on your website by tempting them with either an offer of some kind or allowing them more information about your products such as 'sign up and receive tips about our best products', for example. You can send your customers an autoresponding email as well, if you keep in contact with your customer base then it increases the chances of them returning to make another pruchase in the future.


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