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How do I setup an email to be sent to all of my customers?

You can use Sellr to send all your customers an email on a specific day at a specific time, this is useful for sending your customers a newsletter or details of an upcoming event. You should make your emails interesting to read as a customer is far more likely to read an email with an engaging headline like 'Why our products will make your life easier', rather than just your 'Here is my new product range'.


How do I get started?


- In the menu at the top of the page click 'Marketing' > 'Email Marketing' > 'Scheduled Emails' and you will see the following screen:




- Before getting started you should click the hyperlink 'Configure' option on this page and set your email address.



- Click on 'Create New Email' link, to be taken to the email template screen, you can select a preset template to edit, or start with a blank template.


- Edit the email as you wish. You can edit an email the same way that you edit your website. make sure you give the template a name and give the email a subject line by using the fields provided.



- click on 'Finish'. Your email will now be added to the schedule. You can choose the time and date the email will be sent. You can also edit, preview and test the email as well. If you have setup different lists of contacts then you can choose which contacts to send the email to.



I've set up an email, what do all the column names like 'Count' and 'Read' mean?


- List: Use the drop down box in this column to choose which group of contacts will receive the email.


- Subject: The subject that will appear on email's sent to the customer.


- Send Date: Use this to choose which date the email will be sent on.


- Send Hour: Choose the time of day that the email will be sent.


- Sent Date: After the email has been sent, you can use this to view when your emails were sent out.


- Count: This will tell you how many customers were sent that email.


- Read: This will show you how many people opened the email.


- Responded: This will show you how many people clicked on your target link in the email.


- Delisted: This will show you how many people 'unsubscribed' from your email.





Using the advanced features of scheduled emails


If you want to really use the scheduled emails to their maximum potential then you should consider using some of the more advanced features such as the ability to track hyperlinks in the email and how to setup your email to greet the customer using the customer's name.


How can I personalise my email to show the customers details?


When you are composing the email you can simply type the words !title! !firstname! and !lastname! and when the email is sent to the customer, that text will automatically change to display the customer's details. Below you can see an image of this in use and the result when the email is sent:



Tracking how many people have clicked the links in your email


Sellr can show you how many people clicked on links in your email, this is useful if you want to investigate what grabs a customer's attention


- To set this up see the scheduled emails section then click 'Create tracked hyperlinks to use in emails'



- Click 'Add New Name' and choose a memorable name for the link and enter the address of the page the reader should be taken too.





- Now edit the email and click the link option.




- Now leave link type as URL, set Protocol to 'other' and in the URL box type !LINK: followed by the name of the link and finish it off with another '!'. In our test example, the link would look like this:




- Once the email has been sent click the 'Preview' link next to an email to see how many times that link has been clicked.






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