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How can I sell my downloads using Sellr?


You may be selling downloadable items such as MP3 files or software, with Sellr the customer can easily buy your product with the option to download it after completing the checkout process.


How do I setup a product which will provide the customer with a download?


First, in the drop down menu at the top of the page click 'Manage > Items' and set up a product, just like you would with a tangible product.



Next, click the 'Digital Vault' underlined link at the top of the 'Manage Items' window.



Click 'Choose File' to browse to the file that you want to sell. Choose a name for your downloadable product and enter this into the field 'Vault Item Name', now click 'Add To Vault'.



Now, click on the Sellr back button, at the bottom of the window, and go back to the product you just created. Edit the product and click 'Download' on the product properties.



Use the drop down menu to select the file you have just uploaded, and save the product. If you don't want to use the digital vault then you can upload your files somewhere else on the web and then use the 'URL' field to enter the web address of the file you want to sell.


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