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How can I prevent products being sold if they are out of stock?


It's important not to oversell your stock. If you can't fulfil orders then your customers may get frustrated and seek out a competitor for future purchases.


How do I start using the stock control?


In the drop down menu at the top of the page Click 'Manage' > 'Items' and click 'Configure' in the top left-hand corner



On this page, there will be different stock control options to choose from. You can either prevent products being sold when their stock level reaches zero, or you can use the stock control feature to keep track of your inventory but still allowing customers to buy your products even when the stock level reaches zero (the stock level will display a minus figure when it is oversold).



Enter your email address in the following field to alert you when a products stock level reaches zero:



Select this option to show stock level to customers when they are being up-sold/cross-sold other products:



Tick this setting to use secure stock entry. With this option ticked then anytime any user who is logged into your control will always have to provide a reason why they are changing the stock level, Sellr will store this information and you can refer back to it if there are any stock discrepancies.




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