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I have a product with different options, what is the best way to set this up?


Sellr gives you a few ways to setup a product that offers the customer different options. There are two ways of setting this up, you can use either 'Modifiers' or 'Product Groups'. These will present the customer with a variety of options. There are some slight differences between the options for 'Product Groups' and for 'Modifiers' which we will look at below.


Product Groups


With 'Product Groups' you set up a group of products allowing the customer to pick a product within that group, it is important to note that if you use 'Product Groups' every variation is considered a separate product.

Here is an example of using 'Product Groups':

You are selling T-shirts, the group could be made up of the different sizes of shirts available. So, therefore, the group would consist of small, medium and large shirts or you could take it even further and the group could contain a small red shirt, a large red shirt, a small green shirt and a medium green shirt. As each variation is a seperate product you can easily keep track of how much of each variation you currently have in stock and you can apply promotions to individual products within the group.




'Modifiers' should be used for products which can be modified. For example, if you are selling a garden pot, then the customer may want the pot in a different colour or design, allowing you to modify the pot by painting it for the customer.

If you use modifiers on a product, that product and all its options are considered to be just one single product by itself, so you can't add a stock amount for different variations, the product itself would just have one stock level.


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