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Feature Blocks - Galleries


You can use this feature to build image galleries that can be presented on your online webstore. They function the same as content blocks and must be added in the same way as any other content block


To set up a gallery, follow these steps:


  • From the Admin Panel, select Website > Feature Blocks > Galleries:



  • Select the blue Add New Gallery option at the top of the page:



  • Provide a Name for the gallery and then press the ornage Save button:



  • Select the Pencil icon under the Edit column:



  • Select Add New Image to add new images to the gallery. In this image, we ahve already added a few images. When you have added as many images as you need in the gallery, press the orange Back button:



  • The gallery is now defined and is ready to be used on your store. To add the gallery, switch to Edit Mode by selecting Home > Edit Website:



  • Select the Manage Content Blocks tool on the left of the screen:



  • Scroll to the Main Section area and press the green plus icon:



  • Select Image Gallery from the available options:



  • Close the orange pop content blocks box and wait for the page to refresh
  • Once refreshed, Scoll down the page to find the Spanner and Screwdriver icon that is in line with where you placed the content block
    • By default, new content blocks are added to the bottom of the hierarchy. If you are having difficulty finding a new content block that you have added, scroll all the way to the bottom and look for the Spanner and Screwdriver icon that has nothing in line with it. In the image below, the first icon is in line with content or images. This is not what we are looking. The third icon is in line with text and media. This is not what we are looking for. The second is in line with nothing and there is no content or media present. This is the icon we are looking for:



  • Clicking the Spanner and Screwdriver icon on the right side of the page, reveals more options on the left. Selecting the tool with the red arrow above will allow us to choose a gallery to display in this block:



  • Select the gallery you wish to display, select Save and then close the orange box to update the system:



  • The new gallery is displayed in the content block:


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