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Engage your customers and increase your SEO visibility by using the blog to promote your webstore. This is good for raising your company's visibility with SEO for example


To post to your blog and manage different topics, follow these steps:


  • From the Admin Panel, look to the left and select Website > Manage Your Blog:



  • Select Manage Topics (if you are using topics):



  • Provide a Topic Name in the provided field and then press Add Topic in the bottom right:



  • The new topic is added to the hierarchy. Press Back in the bottom right:



  • On the first page, select Add new Post:



  • Provide a Title and then write your blog post in the provided field. You can include media, images, audio clips and text:



  • Scroll further down the page to see more posting options
    • Select a Topic for the blog post to be contained within
    • Select the Author of the blog post
    • Select the checkbox under Twitter to schedule a tweet to announce this blog posts publication
    • Select the checkboxes under Facebook to schedule a post on Facebook when the blog post is published
    • Select a publishing date and time for the blog post
    • Provide a short descriptive synopsis for the blog post
    • Include any keyword tags that will help search engines identify your blog post
    • Select if the post is visible or invisible 



  • When you are finished, press the orange Save button in the bottom right of the screen to finish. You post will be published on the date and time that you selected:




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