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The Sales by Type section links into the Sales Manager with the distinction that it acts as a filter. In this case, the filter will display only sales made through that particular channel:

  • Website Sales
    • Use this option to filter sales made through your website
  • Mail Order Sales
    • Use this option to display all your sales that have been made via the mail order option
  • Telephone Sales
    • Use this option to display all your sales that have been made via telephone
  • eBay Sales
    • Use this option to disaply all your sales that have been made via a linked eBay store (if you have one and have linked it to the system)


To use the Sales by Type option, follow these steps:


  • From the Admin Panel, select Manage > Sales by Type > Select the type you would like to view. For this example, I will select Website Sales:



  • The next screen will show the Sales Manager with the Website Sales filter already applied. You can see the filter type in the top left where it says Website Sales:



  • You can easily change the filter from the Sales Manager by selecting the drop down box next to Order Type, selecting a different filter and then pressing the orange Go button to the right of the screen:



  • If you would like to reset the view to see all of your sales with no filter, simply press Show All at the top left of the Sales Manager:




  • You can repeat the above steps with the other options (Telephone sales, eBay sales etc) to view sales you have made through these different channels


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