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The Sales Manager gives an overview of the sales you have made through your online ecommerce store. You can change the payment status of the order, generate invoices, automatically send confirmation emails as well as a vast amount of other actions that make selling and managing your online ecommerce store easy


Follow these steps to access and use the features in the sales manager:


  • To access the Sales Manager, from the Admin Panel, look to the left and select Manage and then Sales:



  • The next screen will show the Sales Manager:





  • In the top left, you will see a number of blue hyperlinks. The first is the Filter option:



  • Clicking on it, reveals various options to filter your sales:



  • You can use the various options to refine the results shown in the Sales Manager. For example, if you are know the first name of the customer, you can input their name into the section labelled First Name or Last Name and then press the orange Go button. This will filter out all the contacts in your Contact List that do not match the criteria. THere are many different filters you can use depending on the situation you find yourself in


Show All


  • The next option is Show All:



  • This option is used to clear any Filters that you may have already placed, clearing the search terms and allowing you to view all the customers that are in your CRM. If you have already added Filters, click this option to reset everything to its default state




  • This option allows you to configure aspects of the Invoice that is generated upon a sale:



  • Clicking it will take you to the following screen:



  • There are a number of options available for you to manipulate here. Read through each and decide what works best for your business. When You are finished adjusting the settings, don't forget to press the orange Save Changes button in the bottom right


View All Columns


  • The next option is View All Columns:



  • This will reset the view in the Sales Manager to include any hidden columns. To hide a column, simply click the name of the column and it will be hidden and indicated by an upwards pointing arrow. For example, I would like to hide the Order Number column in my Sales Manager. I click the name of the column:



  • And the column is hidden. Indicated by the upwards pointing arrow:



  • To reset the columns, I can either click the upwards arrow to reveal the column or press the View All Columns option at the top of the page:



Show/Hide 'Not Completed' Transactions


  • This option will filter out all all the records in the Sales Manager in which the customer did not complete the sale. This is different than Not Paid in that a customer that is classed as Not Completed perhaps added an item or two to their basket but for whatever reason never took the basket to the checkout:



  • In the following image, I have highlighted the customers in my Sales Manager that are marked as Not Completed:



  • When I press the Hide 'Not Completed' Transactions button, those orders will be hidden from view. Note as well that the Hide 'Not Completed' Transactions changes to Show 'Not Completed' Transactions. This allows you to revert back easily:



Export Sales Data


  • This option will allow you to export the data included on this page as a csv file:



  • Pressing the button will take you to the Export Sales Data Manager:



  • Adjust the settings that are shown on screen to reflect your needs and then press the orange Export Data button in the bottom right. At the top of the screen, a new section of text will appear that reads Right click here and select 'Save Target As...':



  • Follow the instructions to right click and save as. Save the file somewhere on your device and then open it using a relevant application to view the exported sales data


View Sales From Multiple Carts


  • The next option allows you to connect multiple ecommerce stores to this one acccount. This is useful if you run a number of different online stores and want to manage them all in one place:



  • Clicking the option takes us to this screen:



  • Simple input the StoreID, Username and Password for your other store and then press the orange Add Cart button in the bottom right. Please note that in order to use this, you must be logging in with a created user login NOT the account you signed up for the system with
    • As an example, I wanted to add my other store (Cups! Cups! Cups!) to my current store (Beautiful Bamboo)
    • I went to Cups! Cups! Cups! and created a new user login (This page explains how to create a new user login)
    • On my current store, I can now add Cups! Cups! Cups! to my Beautiful Bamboo store to manage sales and customers all in one place:



Undelete Transactions


  • This image shows the Undelete Transactions option. If you delete a transaction for any reason, you can use this option to reverse that action:



  • Pressing Undelete Transactions will take you to the following screen. Simply press the Undelete button to reverse the action and send the order back to your Sales Manager:



Setup SMS text messaging


  • The next option allows you to setup text message alerts when an order is completed from the sales manager:



  • Select the amount of text messages you would like to purchase and then press Buy Now. Make sure to Enable text messaging, input the Phone Number that should receive the alert and make sure that the checkbox is ticked to receive messages when an order is completed from the Sales Manager:



  • Make sure to press Save Changes in the bottom right of the screen
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