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What is weight based shipping?

Weight based shipping lets you change the shipping price if the total items being shipped weighs between a certain amount which you specify. Weight based shipping is flexible and powerful however before rushing into weight based shipping you should plan and think ahead.


Before setting up a weight based shipping method you should have at least a basic idea of how much your products weigh and how much your postal service or courier will be charging you for shipping your products before setting up weight based shipping. If you are based in the US and will be shipping your products from the US then you can use your UPS, USPS or FedEx account with Sellr and the shipping prices and options provided by those couriers will automatically be displayed on your Sellr website.


When you set up a product or edit a product you will need to enter how much that product weighs in the 'weight' field. It is important to note that you can enter the weight in any unit of weight you want but you shouldn't use a mix of two units, in other words you should work exclusively in grams or pounds but you shouldn't enter the weight of one product as stones and another product in kilograms


How to use weight based shipping 


- First, give all your products a weight. To do this, in the drop down menu at the top of the page click 'Manage' > 'Items'. Create a product or edit an existing product and you will see a field called 'Weight'. Add a product weight here.



- Next, go to 'Configure' > 'Shipping' and click the 'Add New Method' button.


- Give the shipping method a name and select the 'Weight Based' option and also the 'Manually set the prices' option, below it.


- Next to 'Manually set the prices, click the underlined link 'Click here to configure' and a pop-up box will appear.



- In the 'from' field enter how much the customer's basket needs to weigh to use that price option, in the 'to' field enter how much the customer's basket needs to weigh before that shipping price is not available. Enter the shipping price amount in the amount field.



- In the example above, if we added the demo product to the basket which we gave a weight of 5 then the shipping price would be £2. if we added the demo product to the basket twice then the total weight of the basket would be 10 in which case the shipping price would be £4.


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