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Adding Your Company Logo to Your Ecommerce Online Store



Your company logo is an important part of your branding and visibility as a merchant. Sellr allows you to upload your company logo to highlight the brand on the site.If you do not have a logo yet, you can ignore this section for the time being. However, there are several websites available that will produce an auto-generated logo for you.

Just search for "logo generator" and have a look at the options available.

If you already have a logo designed, it can be uploaded to your Sellr store and will appear in various places including the top of every page


To add your logo to your site, follow these steps:


  • From the Admin Centre, look to the left and select Website and then Your logo:



  • From here, you will be presented with the Logo Manager:



  • Select either Website logo or Document/Email logo and then press Choose File to select the image you would like to use as your logo. When you have lcoated yourt image, select Open:

    • Website Logo will display the logo in the header (top) of each page on your store
    • Document/Email Logo = will add the logo to any scheduled emails or official contact that happens between yourself and your customers



  • Press Upload:



  • The image has been uploaded to the system and will now appear on the website in select areas:


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